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♥ Here's the basics ♥
I fucking love music and drawing,
even though I'm not that good at it.
I'm shy and weird as fuck,
and I pretty much don't like you.
I mean, not yet at least.
Talk to me. Love me.
or don't, whatever

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by Amanda Bell.

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canada dry ginger ale is made in america and thats why i have trust issues

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Week 15 of 52 Week Challenge: 2014

Day 99: do you think it’s better to have a few close best friends or to have a lot of acquaintances

I think it would be better to have a lot of connections to people because that leaves a lot more room for opportunity, but I prefer to have just a few close friends 

Day 100: what is the best thing about being your age

I do whatever the fuck I want literally 24/7
I have the life of a dog pretty much except nothing is free
and I do it all without a constant bitching about how lazy I am

Day 101: would you like to travel abroad to learn about new things throughout the world

Hell yes I would…if I had the money
people in just America are all already so varied, I can’t imagine how different they are in other countries

Day 102: lessons you’ve learned throughout life

-never be afraid to get rid of the toxic people no matter how close they seem
-marijuana is an herb, just like sage or lavender, and that herbs are natural and amazing 
-creative or artistically inclined people are the most interesting

Day 103: do you believe in god

I don’t believe in god but I DO believe in a 6th sense or a sense that humans don’t necessarily receive or comprehend
like the energy sense and how people can think the same thought and look at each other and just know that they’re thinking the same thoughts..
or when you feel the tension in an awkward situation….
Like telepathic senses or energy fields that make nature and life possible in the first place
I mean the only reason we don’t fall off Earth is because of a GIANT ENERGY FIELD IN THE CORE I mean this shit is mindblowing and real as fuck.

Maybe “god” is how humans perceive energy happening,
but I definitely don’t follow any scriptures or riotous leaders who think they are any closer to this “”“”“god”“”“” energy than anyone else just because they followed a few rules and said a few prayers

Day 104: three words you can’t go a day without using

  1. Babe
  2. Dude
  3. Fuck

Day 105: describe your favorite place in the world

anywhere where I feel completely comfortable and at home is where I’m happiest

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