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- I fucking love music and drawing -
even though I'm not that good at it.
I'm a blackbird singing in
the dead of night.
Talk to me. Love me.
or don't, whatever
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hahaha my grandma thought she was being so sneaky

and she came in to bitch at me and she was like I heard your computer broke and guess what I’m not spending a penny to fix it until you move it out of the room and I was like
Lol bitch my computer didn’t break

stupid cunt

it’s like she just sits in her chair all day trying her hardest to think of them most evil plans she can think of.

And now she’s yelling at me because my phone’s broken and nobody’s taken me to get a new one as if I could just go and get a new one myself,
lol I’m going to murder her in her sleep she’s driving me crazy

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