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♥ Here's the basics ♥
I fucking love music and drawing,
even though I'm not that good at it.
I'm shy and weird as fuck,
and I pretty much don't like you.
I mean, not yet at least.
Talk to me. Love me.
or don't, whatever

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Oh dad I love you but you’re such an asshole!

I asked him for a tattoo for my birthday,
so you know, I kind of expected HIM to pay for it, yuh?

nope apparently he’s broke as fuck and lost his job again (surprise surprise)
I told him I found this check for $219 and he has the nerve to tell me I should use whatever money I don’t spend on mine to buy HIM a tattoo, for letting me get one in the first place.


Whatever I guess,
he better expect a cheap ass tat though. -__-

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