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getting blamed for something you didn’t do

then getting yelled at over it
then being accused of lying about not doing it
then being told I’m OBVIOUSLY lying just because I’m a teenager, which automatically means I’m carefree, stupid and forgetful

oh okay.

like, wtf dad fuck off it’s way too early for that

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my fucking school tried me so hard today

I’m trying to get some chicken with mashed potatoes, and I see the lunch lady sprinkle some cheese on top of the kid in front of me’s food..
so when I ask for mine, I ask if they just wouldn’t put cheese on top

she’s like NO
like I’m just asking her to not sprinkle it on top when she hands it to me it’s really not that hard
but she kept sayig no so I was like
Can I get some fucking chicken strips then

dumb fucking lunchlady cunt can’t handle the word fuck so she called the assistant principal and
BAM! first time you curse at someone is an automatic 10 mother fucking day suspension

yeah. okay.

fucking jokes I SWEAR

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Why the fuck

would you have a class that requires you to buy so much fucking stuff NOT ALL OF THE STUDENTS ARE FUCKING RICH YO

I don’t have money for all that

fucking jesus


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fuck school up it’s stupid butthole

why can’t I just finish online I know so many people who did and they did NOT have to attend at least one class to graduate this is bullshit I can’t even get there what the fuck mate I just want to gtfo so I can CARRY ON WITH THIS STUPID LIFE and not have to worry about these assholes and all their stupid bullshit rules and regulations THEY DON’T EVEN MAKE SENSE HALF THE TIME

high schools such a fucking joke I swear -_-

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both my dad and his girlfriend will leave me a fag for the night
but neither of them will leave 1 of their bajillion lighters down here

fucking hell man I swear

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I really like when I take a good picture

and I go to post it and Tumblr’s like lol ‘We’re Sorry”

no you’re not fucking sorry if you were you’d fucking pay me fuck you tumblr and all your fuckshit man

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I never understood the point of heavy lipstick

I mean yeah, it could look good

but you can’t drink without it being a hassle
or makeout
or smoke a stoge
or toke with people without pissing them off
or kiss someones cheek

I mean I always just thought it was pointless to be uncomfortable for the sake of “beauty”

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All this kony2012 is driving me crazy

all of a sudden all over facebook and tumblr and youtube and fucking bhjsfdghukgfdsdkjfgdhudgsf  EVERYTHING
go away

It’s not that I don’t care about this whole thing about African kids or whatever, it’s that I don’t care that you all care so fucking much so shut up -_-

If you care that much go pay a charity or something and fuck off

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Don’t get all bitchy

about me not walking the dog RIGHT when you call me if you’re going to tell someone else to walk her in 5 fucking minutes.


shut the fuck up, I don’t give a shit about what you have to nag about anyway -_-

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If you edit your pictures,

and you edited it so much that all of your skin looks fuzzy like you were born a fucking porcelain doll:

Get a fucking life. You don’t look good. Your picture looks terrible. You look like a dipshit.
You have nothing good going for you, so stop.

Delete your photoshop, delete your tumblr…..
you know what?
Just throw out your whole computer.

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Lol I love how on Ripley’s Believe It or Not

they’ll do a bunch of cool weird interesting stories

but the one of the last stories is ALWAYS a story about some really hot woman or women who does nothing special at all except look really sexy lol

whoever said you can’t make a living off your looks was obviously wrong because really good looking people can do absolutely nothing and be praised for it anyway.

Like this one playboy model or s/t learned how to shoot a basket. -___-
these women right now have “baseball cards” with their pictures on them.

Like wtf, anyone could do that.
Except they have the advantage of being attractive.

ugh I’m going to stop complaining now lol

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lol some of you guys are really ridiculous

I bet half the people who bash on Black Veil Brides haven’t even listened to their music and only hate them so much because everyone else does.

Like, you people act like their music is like a fucking disease in music form. It’s not even that bad it’s just.. not too great.
It’s not like it’s ear-bleeding, chalkboard scratching, horrifyingly terrible..
So chill the fuck out.

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17,400th post

omg I’m so tired of people not sticking to what they say
I’m so tired of people making plans then blowing them off every time
why isn’t anybody ever reliable


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hahaha my grandma thought she was being so sneaky

and she came in to bitch at me and she was like I heard your computer broke and guess what I’m not spending a penny to fix it until you move it out of the room and I was like
Lol bitch my computer didn’t break

stupid cunt

it’s like she just sits in her chair all day trying her hardest to think of them most evil plans she can think of.

And now she’s yelling at me because my phone’s broken and nobody’s taken me to get a new one as if I could just go and get a new one myself,
lol I’m going to murder her in her sleep she’s driving me crazy

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